Excursions and activities

Astrid Lindgren Värld - 20 km

Astrid Lindgren's World is a theater and theme park where visitors can experience Astrid Lindgren's fairy tales in their true environments. There everyone can meet them, where they play the pieces out of the books, and improvise events where the children can join.


Bullerby - 23 km

Bullerbyn is located in Sevedstorp! It was here in "Bullerbyn" that Astrid Lindgren had her thoughts when she wrote about the children in Bullerbyn. Astrid's father Samuel August grew up in Mellangården.


Katthult - 36 km

Here you can walk around the buildings and feel the atmosphere of Emil's films, meet the animals on the farm or visit the farm shop with souvenirs, ice cream and drinks. Here, too, there is a "snickarboa" where Emil often sat and threw on his wooden pegs and thought about his hips. Yet today there are many wooden bars left.


Astrid Lindgrens Näs - 22 km

Experience Astrid Lindgren's childhood home just as it was when she was a child!


Boat trip on Lake Hulingen

At our campsite you can rent a boat for a trip on the big lake Hulingen where our campsite is located.


The narrow-track railway Hultsfred-Västervik

The authentic orange-yellow railroadbusses from the 50's run from the station 70 km to the coastal town of Västervik with a series of cozy stops along the way.


Bike trolley

In the summer, a part of the old narrow-track railway for the cyckeldressine is used. There are three different ways to choose. Remember to bring swimsuit and picnic basket!


Northern Kvill National Park - 43 km

A small national park, which can be explored on a 4 km long sometimes steep trail. There are two little seas and the Idhöjden hill with a wide view of Rumskullaskogarna.


Målilla Älgpark - 18 km

Feed the moose by hand. If you can not see the king of the forest in the forest, you can meet him in the moose park.


Tomteverkstan in Alseda - 45 km

Plots of own manufacture and a wide range of hobby materials.


Gold washing in Ädelfors - 46 km

Genuine gold, real gold laundering. Sweden's most experienced gold digger teaches you to wash gold properly.


Hiking and climbing at More Kastell - 30 km

Incredible view of a seven mile long ravine. The gentle and clever climber can stand up for a 20 meter high pillar in the middle of the canyon.


Glasriket Glass Factory-the-Glasriket - 73 km (Rosdala) to 130 km (Skruf)

The 13 glassworks that make up the Glass Kingdom showcase glass of all shapes and colors. Here, glass is made famous throughout the world.


Vagabond adventure in Tigerstad - 26 km

In Tigerstad you can try how the luffs lived before: Eat luffarmat, play luffarlekar, go hassass, do luffar crafts etc - just like a real luffar!


Kleva Mine adventure underground - 51 km

Explore the mine with a guide or on your own, equipped with a torch and a helmet on your head. Bring warm dirty clothes and waterproof shoes because it's cold and wet in the mine (you can also borrow rubber boots and jackets).


Nils Holgersson World - 30 km

Nils Holgersson World is a family park, where you can find Sweden in miniature like Nils saw it from its goose back and everyone can experience an adventure.


The special glassware: Hauge's craft glass - 65 km

Welcome to the glass window to view the production and the exhibition. Here are also sales where you can shop for a larger range. You can also bring your own bottle for conversion.


Bags made of moose? Målerås Leather - 82 km

Here are the special leather goods, also interesting for medieval accessories.


Eksjö - 64 km

Participate in a guided tour through one of the best preserved wooden towns in Sweden or go on your own exploration into the narrow winding streets. Even the Christmas market is a nostalgic trip worth!


Wooden church Pelarne - 24 km

Tailored roofs of church and bell tower, a wooden church dating back to the 13th century, also a nice place for a picnic.


Church Djursdala - 36 km

A small wooden church, abundant, nice and very interesting painted, beautiful location.


Stensjö town - 58 km

Enjoy the old cultural landscape with a walk around the village of Stensjö with houses dating back to the 17th and 1800s and farming as at times. Here, many of the scenes for the Bullerbyn films were filmed.


Järnudde Bird Reserve - 5 km

From the parking lot there is still a good half hour walk through the wild nature. From the view tower you can observe cranes, canadal geese and eagles.


Skurugata and Skuruhatt Eksjö at - 65 km

Skurugata is an 800m long gap in the mountain, which is between 7 and 24 meters wide. The area around Skurugata is a nature reserve and in the area there is a trail, about 2 km long, which leads through the entire crack and up the mountain top Skuruhatt.


Fishing paradise Hammarsjön St - 8 to 14 km

Stora Hammarsjön area is a forest area with 25 lakes, also perfect for hiking. There is an increased chance of seeing a moose.


Målilla Speedway - 11 km

Målilla is speedway! It's here Dacks belong. During the season you can check speedway in elite class and world class at the Grand Prix competition in Målilla.


DackeStop in Virserum - 32 km

DackeStop is a meeting place for history and culture. Here is the furniture industry museum with a water-driven workshop, Tele-Museum, Konsthall, a herb garden.

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